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Dracotic Isn't A Name,

But A State Of Being...

I am Dracotic, not much to say really. I thoroughly enjoy the company of animals, rain, and the beach in daylight or moonlight. I'm enthralled by dragons, creatures, serpents and the like. I listen to a vast spectrum of genres such as, but not limited to ambient, electronica, drum & bass, rap, 60's - 90's, psychedelic & classic rock. I live for offensive material and watching things that make people cringe. I do not enjoy human procreation and infants should be used as food(in my fantastical Utopia at least). I do not practice any religion but I'm fond of learning about them all. I have no gender, despite what is betwixt my thighs. Like I said, not much to say here...
aligators, amphibians, andalusians, andrea parker, animal rescues, animals, anubis, aphex twin, arabians, astral projection, autechre, azelohk, azhi dahaka, bahamut, baphomet, basilisks, bastet, beaches, beasts, beaucerons, bhuddism, blood, brama, camping, cannibalism, cats, cerberus, chakras, chaos, chickens, chimeras, chinese crocodile lizards, claws, clive barker, consuming flesh, covenant, crocodiles, crows, darkness, darkwave, david lynch, death, demons, destroying, deviance, devouring, dinosaurs, dj food, dj krush, dj shadow, dj spooky, dracomancy, dragons, drakes, ducks, dysphoria, evp, fangs, friesians, ganesha, goa, gore, hell hound, hellraiser, hermaphrodites, hermit crabs, hijras, hinduism, horns, horror, horses, hot glue, industrial, john digweed, kali, kid spatula, lacerations, leviathan, lightening, loop guru, lovecraftian horrors, macabre, medical oddities, millipedes, monitor lizards, mythology, nature, necromancy, ocelot, orgasms, ouroboros, outdoors, parapsychology, parks, phallic symbols, plagues, polymorphism, porn, psytrance, quetzacoatl, rain, raptors, rats, ravens, razed in black, reptiles, rooks, rot, sanskrit, sculptures, self cannibalism, serpents, set, sexlessness, sharks, sharp teeth, shires, shiva, silence of the lambs, skinny puppy, snakes, snuff, sobek, squarepusher, storms, string theory, suicide commando, tegus, terror, the cruxshadows, the unexplained, thunder, tiamat, transfiguration, transmogrification, transmutation, trauma, tropics, unipegs, velvet acid christ, vishnu, vultures, wumpscut, wyrms, wyverns, xenomorph